Yun Hee Chang


  • 2000 ~ 2006 : Pusan National University, Ph. D, Physics
  • 1998 ~ 2000 : Pusan National University, MS, Physics
  • 1994 ~ 1998 : Pusan National University, BS, Physics


  • 2019 ~          : Post doc,. CNL lab, Electrical Engineering, KAIST
  • 2018 ~ 2019 : Visiting scholar, Ohio State Univeristy, USA
  • 2017 ~ 2018 : Post doc., CNL lab, Electrical Engineering, KAIST
  • 2011 ~ 2016 : Post doc., Graduate School of Nanoscience and Technology, KAIST
  • 2009 ~ 2010 : Post doc., Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT)
  • 2006 ~ 2009 : Post doc., Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS)
  • 2004 ~ 2005 : Research student, Osaka University, Japan


   Density functional Theory calculations for III-V heterojunction tunnel FET



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