Seong Hyeok Jeon


  • 2016~ present: KAIST, Integrated Master's & Ph. D Program Candidate, Electrical Engineering
  • 2014~2016 : KAIST, MS, Physics
  • 2010~2014 : KAIST, BS, Physics
  • 2008~2010 : Gyeongnam Science High School


Other Research interests


  • Journal

  • Selected Conference
  1. "DFT Hamiltonian Based Simulation of GaSb UTB-FET with Spin Orbit Coupling Effect," Seong Hyeok Jeon, Yoon Hee Chang, Junbeom Seo, and Mincheol Shin, Workshop on Innovative Nanoscale Devices and Systems (WINDS) 2018, Hawaii, USA, 2018.
  2. “Effect of Trap on Carrier Transport in InAs FET with Al2O3 Oxide: DFT-based NEGF Simulations”,  Mincheol Shin, Yucheol Cho and Seong Hyeok JeonSISPAD, Udine, Italy, 2019.
  • Patent