Yongsoo Ahn



  • 2014~ present: KAIST Ph. D Candidate, EE
  • 2012~2014 : KAIST, MS, EE
  • 2005~2012 : Sungkyunkwan University, BS, Electric & Electronic Engineering
  • 2002~2005 : Changwon Yongho High School


     Analysis of quantum transport characteristics of 2DM-based devices    (* 2DM: two dimensional material)

  • Motivation
    • 2DMs such as transition metal dichalcogenides and black phosphorus have a great potential to be used as nano-scaled transistors due to their structural and electrical properties.
    • Structural property: layer structure and weak layer interaction can reduce surface roughness scattering.
    • Electrical property: inherent non-zero bandgap allows researchers to discard bandgap opening process.
  • Methodology
    • Hamiltonian construction: tight-binding, maximally localized Wannier function, and density functional theory
    • Quantum transport: self-consistent calculation with non-equilibrium Green's function and Poisson equation

Other Research Interests

  • Quantum transport simulation with consideration of issues in digital IC (e.g. dark silicon, thermal issue, etc.)


  • Journal
  • Selected Conference
    1. Yongsoo Ahn and Mincheol Shin, "Performance Comparison between Silicon and Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Field-Effect Transistors," AWAD, Jeju, Republic of Korea, 2015.
    2. Yongsoo Ahn and Mincheol Shin, "First-principles-based quantum transport simulations of transition metal dichalcogenides field-effect transistors," International Vacuum Congress, Busan, Republic of Korea, 2016.