Hyo-Eun Jung



  • 2018~         : Samsung Electronics
  • 2013~2018 : KAIST Ph. D
  • 2011~2013 : KAIST, MS, EE
  • 2007~2011 : Hanyang University, BS, EE
  • 2004~2007 : Hearyong High School


Analysis of Realistic Strain Effects on Quantum transport in Nanoscale Devices based on the Density Functional Theory


  • Strain engineering has become a compulsory technique to give an enhanced performance in nanoscale MOSFET
    devices such as ultra-thin-body(UTB) FET, FinFET, and nanowire FET. 
  • Nanoscaled-devices can withstand large non-intentional strains due to fabrication processing steps (e.g. oxidation,
    thermal stress) and also can be stretched/compressed on purpose (e.g. SiGe S/D, mechanical stretching) in
    flexible electronics.
  • Recently, intensive research effort has been devoted to investigate the strain effects on the III-V/high-k structure 
    as alternatives to Si-based channel material devices.

  • Take all device circumstances into account by first-principle calculation based on the density functional theory, 
    the device structure is modeled in atomistic scale and optimized in the most stable condition.
  • The band structure modulation with strain on crystal orientation and device geometry is investigated.
  • Combining density functional theory and tight-binding method, the realistic strain effects and confinement on both
    electrons and holes are described.
  • The full quantum electron/hole transport characteristics of MOSFET devices utilizing practical strain effects are investigated by employing non-equilibrium Green’s function.


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